Studies (use these to build foundations and improve critical thinking)

For those who are still getting to know how to use the pieces (No shame! We all start somewhere) use this link and follow these lessons through the chess basics -

A Few Basic Endgame Mates -
At the end of this study, there is a puzzle! There is a comment on each chapter to use as a hint. All chapters besides chapter 4 require you to move for both black and white. White to move AND WIN on each of them!

Tactics Bootcamp Week 1 -
This study is our first study into our recognizing tactics bootcamp. Once you are able to recognize what tactics look like here, you'll start seeing them in your games! Tactics are really powerful tools to help you win your game!

Tactics Bootcamp Week 3 -
This study is the second in our recognizing tactics bootcamp. Week 2 was a review with Kahoot. Continue recognizing the tactics here and employ them in your own game!

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