New Team Battles.

Hi all, can't wait to start, going stir crazy, day 9 of self isolation since Blackpool, only been out to empty bins lol!!!

I'm jealous. I wish they would shut my work down and then I can play online chess 24hrs a day. haha
Nah it is really hard to not go out. Weird times

We could get some internal tournaments on the go just for fun if you like...

I mean, I was thinking of an Arena for example on Wednesday, to somewhat re-anact the club night, since why not?
We could get about 10 players for sure and play something like from 10+0 to 15+10 for the whole night, depends what everyone feels like is better.
I mean, I know some of us would love blitz arena going on, but I think that would turn to madness :D

We could see how many people are online at what would be normal club time on Wednesday and just have everyone randomly challenge each other.

That could work, but arena seems like more structure-wise. On the other hand, we can do a Blitz Swiss on the night. See how many people are up, and then do the pairings through systems like for example.
We have a lot of resources, it just means if people will turn up or not :)

We have a long play tournament to mimick the same way you play at the club on Wednesdays, starting at 7:30pm tonight.

I can host some blitz tournies after if your game finishes early and you want to throw pieces about.