What do you guys think of a zh960 championship... 8 games of 5+5 (2 more to break a tie etc), straight knockout on the site?

Is there interest in this?

From feedback on Discord, the opper-JannLee match is still set to go ahead to decide the 960 title.

Also top players aren't interested in 5+5 zh960.

I still think there needs to be something for those who play the game slower, where the likes of Yasser & JK might excel especially. But the problem with straight zh is a slow game might become very theoretical, hence the idea of zh960... but if no top players want to participate in a "grand slam" (not championship because opper-JL will decide that between themselves) then it's not going to happen. But if people do express interest here, then I will sign them up for it. Because it is straight knockout, it should be over in 6 weeks from when it starts.

Looks like it will be me against you in the final. :p

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