Welcome the Candidates!

TwelveTeen hit 3000 yesterday. :)

Since there is a hot discussion in the House Discord, I just want to state my opinion here too. I think that Jeremy is a very strong player, but letting him into the candidates is not fair. The rules were announced a while ago:

One candidates spot is reserved for last year's challenger to the crown (TwelveTeen) and another is reserved for a wild card (opperwezen, third place in last year's Candidates). There will be 8 participants from the knockout event, so the number of Candidates tournament participants is 10 players.

The 10 Candidates who make it can have a vote whether to let JK in as the 11th and extra Candidate. If they agree among themselves who are we to argue with the decision of the players themselves? If 5-5 then JannLee and Fischy who invited him have the casting vote.

So far only Fumitoks and littleplotkin have expressed any reservations about the rule change. Most people accept JK has legend status. In my view, chess world champions and legends (Yasser, JK, some mentioned Firefly) can be accommodated if they can make the time themselves to come play on lichess and join the tournament because the crazyhouse community as a whole would welcome them even if not strictly according to the rules as originally imagined.

I wholeheartedly agree with @okei

I totally support jeek joining the candidates, hes a top contender and an important figure in the zh community.

Its a yes for him joining from my side.

I support the direct invitation of whoever would it be only if everybody who qualifies to Candidates agrees. I understand the importance of evolving world class zh players to the routine of the overall zh action, particularly in lichess, but the rules cannot be changed in the middle of the tournament unless everyone accepts them.

Personally, I do think that whoever qualifies will gain a lot of benefit playing against such strong players and extracting their experience on a very top level within the intensity and importance of the competition, but if one prefers better chances to win a ticket for WC match, it's his right.

Hope to see more and more matches in CWC and let the very best player in the planet besides @JannLee to face the World Champion!