Round 5 Losers Bracket Scheduling + Results

@FischyVishy I think there was a mixup and apterigo and john stuckey still have to have their match before I know who I'm playing. I think they will be finished soon though

What a match! Was down 2-4, then up 5-4 with a decent position with white, but then missed a brilliant sac which kinda finished me :( Great experience for me after all. Didn't expect to go so far (well, some walkovers helped me). But this one I managed to do my best, which unfortunately was not enough, so congratulations to @arjelol and good luck in the rest of the tournament!

From now on I'll be thrilled in the rest of the competition as a spectator. Special thanks to @FischyVishy who gave me and many other players the opportunity to be a part of such a great tournament with double elimination structure, and for the organization in general.

Looking forward to the next CWC, and hopefully I'll do even better, so see ya in 3-rd CWC :)

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