Round 5 Losers Bracket Scheduling + Results

My Round 5 is not taking off, because the round 4 players terra87 and cross_online are not finishing their match. So I am checking every week futilely to understand whom to challenge. How to proceed?

@Crazyhome they play in 1 hour and although they are behind schedule so are a plenty of other players because of delays in round 3. If you could play the winner next week that would be great.

we are playing tomorrow at 6.30 pm CEST

mathace- exMOHAX will not take place due to various commitments I have. Good luck to mathace in the next round!

I see that the preceding match between burpcow - B0N0B0 has concluded in Burpcow's favor, making burpcow my round 5 opponent in the losers bracket. Would it be ok to carry out our match or do I need to wait for the update on the standings bracket ( ?

Crazyhome vs terra87
June 16, Saturday, 1700 UTC (2230 IST)