Round 2 Winners Bracket Scheduling + Results

I private messaged my opponent for round 2 (anandthelegend) 2 days ago to schedule a time for our match and he has yet to respond. Is there anything else I need to do or shall I wait and see if he replies? Thanks!

Vempele - Alexnader123
Potentially April 10th, 7 PM (UTC+4). I'll confirm when I know whether or not I'll be able to play; if I can't, we'll play on the weekend.

Yep, Vempele - Alexnader123 7-3
GL Vempele! Will be rooting for you =)

TaylorEternity - anandthelegend match will be played Saturday, April 14th @ 2:30 pm GMT.

hmmm, i just waited 30 minutes for my opponent (esken), but he did not show up.... i hope we can reschedule this match soon