opperwezen - the 2nd CWC!

thx grogers! when i played Nxe4 in the game where Qg8 would have won i realised what i just had done it was so fortunate
thx sexy and i know it! glad that i can draw our match:)

@CrazyHome about the other things jannlee is the best ambassador for crazyhouse^^ and if i lost a couple in a row vs jannlee its not tilting so much only when it are really like to much loses in a row. since hes the better player as me it won't tilt me if i lose a couple in a row

@okei, thanks for the links. I shall take a look and it will be a treat, I am sure.

Yes, you are right there...I have never seen anyone react so insanely fast, with mates or defense or whatever else was required of the position, as these two guys(@jannlee @twelveteen). These two were born to play crazyhouse, and thank God they found it.
Put that way, doesn't tilt too much to lose to him since he is absurdly strong.

Indeed, @JannLee is a fantastic player and an ambassador for the game. It is good that you (@opperwezen) are an IM and the zh world champion now. Do think about how you can make it popular. The zh960 idea is great, it will help people like me who have zero opening knowledge and there will be room for originality.

In regards to popularity of zh or any other variant,
Most importantly, we must realize that there MUST be a very low importance for *experience*/*opening theory* etc. This will help a person who is just entering the game taste success quickly due to his/her talent rather than rote learning (which is what drives any sane person from standard chess).
After all, the one thing that a human brain excels is at creating stuff not remembering bullshit opening lines or vomiting out memorized patterns onto the board.
I have been playing zh for around 1.5 years now (lately trying bughouse), and there have been so many depressing times when I see a computer-prepared line being thrown at me. I am sure that lot of people get ticked off by this and simply stop playing zh.

I would be very happy to see zh 960 implemented on lichess. It would be a great fillip to players who don't sit with an engine and memorize lines to drown their opponents.

yeah i hope 960 zh and also in allvariants 960 here can be a option here.
but since we didnt got it yet we can first start with the next zh championschip 960 with the finalist of the standard one.

;p yeah that was pretty hard to get first also my connection dropped and just got back with 5sec remaining in my game with atrophied and my position was good enough to win than. i was losing vs mugwort aswell but won on time.
do you think 960 zh the final is a idea vischy? so jannlee and me in 960 so we can play on

can i ask here for mods to add pieces in the piece pocket for blindfold crazyhouse ? it would be cool if other players and i can play blindfold zh again it would be great to see how strong penguingim1 is in it for example