opperwezen - the 2nd CWC!

Congratilations to @opperwezen for becoming a new Crazyhouse World Champion! It was a phenomenal performance both in Candidates and the finals! It feels that he has brought a new standard of quality into this game and raised up his play to such a high level that was enough to convincingly overcome such a legend as @JannLee! He definitely proved that right now he is #1 in the World, and from now on, he is officially a Champ! Bravo!

thx^^ but i have to say jannlee is ofcourse better as me but i did some good preparation.

Congratulations to opper for glorious performance in both the Candidates and the finals. Huge thanks for FischyVishy for organizing the tournament once again.

As a *long time* fan of crazyhouse and the people that play it at the highest level (heck, I took lessons from tantheman briefly back in the day - little good it did! ;) ), I can say that this has been the most amazing year to observe. Sitting at a local, recent, modest, rating high of 2300+ I'd like to think that all the observation paid off at least a little! (I'll be 2050 tomorrow).

Thank you to all the participants, streamers, and commentators for creating the content that kept me entertained for countless hours.

I hope the events this year only inspire higher levels of crazyhouse across the community in 2019!

Congrats Opperwezen!

PS - Selfishly I wish q@g8 was seen so we could've had at least one more game!

Congratulations to Opperwezen/Schoolmeester, the Crazyhouse World Champion 2018, for his amazing performance! He won the title fair and square. The quality of the match was outstanding. 100% more entertaining than the classic chess championship that keeps crawling draw after draw!

Aah, brings to mind the line by Lasker "In chess, there is no lies or hypocrisy" or something along those lines...

Opper, as always objective! And this make him even more special. Indeed JannLee was/is the stronger of the two in terms of pure practical crazyhouse strength, but the match was fantastic and enjoyable on a few accounts:

1. Opper's fantastic mental strength - Even in the face of some awesome streaks by Jann, with the stuff that only he can do, Opper held up and played at his best
2. Preparation - Perhaps, it is impossible to prepare against Jann because he plays anything and nothing. It is very difficult to prepare opening lines versus such a player. But Opper managed to get some very nice attacking positions out of the opening
3. Psychology - The way Opper played Jann-style on the third day, openings and everything was mindboggling. Awesome stuff there.

I admire both the players, diverse styles and strengths, and difficult for me to make a personal pick. I hope that Opper too becomes an ambassador for the game the way Jann has been.

But, secretly and selfishly, I wished that Jann lost the match. Just so that he is motivated to get even better.

I do hope that we see a lot of Opper videos explaining his thoughts and visions in crazyhouse so that we enjoy and learn. But, of course, first things first. Bask in the win, soak it up and enjoy - Congratulations, Opper!

Congratulations to @opperwezen for become the new World Crazyhouse Champion! This is the fantastic achievement.

Thanks so much to @JannLee, @FischyVishy, @okei and all organizers, streamers, bloggers, players and spectators for inspiring more players to get excited about crazyhouse and join the community!

@JannLee @FischyVishy we should do 960 zh tho the first one since a wc zh takes so much time the 2finalist in the zh should no need to support this with a prize btw.
so also a 960 championschip vs jannlee tempo 3+5 there no bug on the site anymore a nice site from @programfox jannlee if you got time how much games do you think is oke for the 960 zh final between us?

thx @Lance5500 ^^
@CrazyHome thx for the long message. jannlee and twelveteen are for me the big 2 (pure raw talents in zh.)
others are strong 2 but these players can play like any position and can find mate with barely using time for it.
but jannlee is predictable in the opening i have to say.
so i think if he would prep opening more i would have never had a chance of winning. i suggest a 960 zh event only with finalist in the zh championschip so jannlee against me now i hope this can bring some nice games if jannlee can find time for it before the new zh thing starts