opperwezen - the 2nd CWC!

Congratulations to opper! Everyone keeps asking me when lichess will give him the CWC trophy. I streamed highlights earlier today and had opper in voice chat for the last half hour. It's on my Twitch and I will post to YouTube tomorrow.

Congratulations to Opperwezen! and to both for a wonderful match.

Congratulations to opperwezen as the new champion! He certainly deserves the title this year and maintained an outstanding standard throughout the candidates and the 60 games in the final. It's been an absolute pleasure to play against such talent.

For me, it's been a dream come true to see crazyhouse being recognised by a growing international community, with the foundations for a strong tradition of a championship event now set in motion for future years.

Thank you to everyone for supporting the game by participating, watching, donating and creating content. The last few years of growth have been phenomenal and I look forward to the game's future!


Congratulations Opperwezen, what a run my man!

And also JannLee of course for a great match.
Thanks Jann for all the commenting, very valuable help for a anything-else-but-tactically-savvy player like me.

You guys are both awesome, legendary skill combined with perfect sportsmanship