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I felt after the other two Candidates threads became toxic, I thought it was time to start a new one. Feel free to schedule your matches here :)

I'll be playing opperwezen tomorrow at 3:30 PM NY Time. That's 9:30PM Netherlands time. Hope to see you there :)

Anyone in the candidates should hit me up with there schedule

suggest a time for our match @TwelveTeen i play with plotkin this week if you wanna play this week and when let me know

I can play most weekdays days from 15 PM gmt to 20 PM gmt.

I can play a match tonight if anyone is available. Or Thursday

Hi JK, ideally give warning so a match can be added to the calendar and players can watch. Tonight would give no warning.

Ok then if anyone can play Thursday or Sunday let me know

@JKtheBullfrog , so what would be the time on thursday that suits you? Is it from 15 PM to 20 PM gmt?

I can do Thursday at 19:00 gmt which I think would be 3pm Eastern

okay then, we have a deal! Tomorrow we play our match at 19 GMT, so in about 30 hours from now!

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