Links to video coverage of Crazyhouse Wold Championship (or crazyhouse/bughouse in general)

As our community is small and therefore not pumping viewcounts, CWC coverage can be tricky to find. I thought it might be helpful to have a thread here where people could find crazyhouse world championship videos, so here are some other youtube channels I am aware of.

If I am missing anyone please add to the list!!

Gnejs (the discovery of his channel this week is what prompted this post!):

Okei (currently active CWC coverage)

Kleerkast (recently active but seems on hiatus while he competes in the candidates final)

JannLee (the Original Champion himself, not a ton of activity since the birth of Spencer about a year ago though)

and some inactive (or on hiatus? please?) channels:



HelmsKnight (mostly bughouse)

PS I don't really use Twitch so if anyone wants to contribute those resources I would be grateful!

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