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Join this server to discuss variants and follow live news on the CWC. There's a voice channel where you might catch some cool commentary about some CWC games, and the updates for the CWC will be quicker there. For those who don't like Discord, you can still find all the needed information here .

Indeed! Discord is a great place to keep track of things that are happening in the community. In addition to CWC matches, we discuss about all crazyhouse things in general. For instance, see:

As Fischy said, we have been watching matches together and commentating them over voice channel. The matches played on March 21 (@Antic - @allyouneedisluft, @emrty - @Kleerkast and @IgorBugMate - @okei) were one of the first ones to have audience:

@Arka50 - @atamek clash, that was played a week ago, was probably the most popular match in commenting box wise so far:

Interested? Join up here:

PS. You can read more about the server here:

One of our member, @okei, blogs about crazyhouse and CWC on Check it out ;)

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