[FANTASY] 3+2 Crazyhouse World Championship 2020

[FANTASY CWC] They say it wouldn’t be a real championship without fantasy contest. Don’t worry, we have two separate contests!

1. Challonge bracket
Choose the match winners of the whole tournament in one go. When entering your prediction, Challonge will ask for email, that can be an imaginary one. Let us know which prediction is yours in the thread.
Challonge bracket:

2. Google form
New contest every round! Predict the match winners and match scores for each round separately. You get 1 point for predicting the correct winner and 2 points for correct result.
Round of 128:

Deadline for both is Sunday, March 29th, 23:59 UTC. Results and new forms for each round will be posted in the thread.

This is a great initiative! Hope that the community enjoys the prediction contest. :)

Thanks again to @TheFinnisher and others also in the background who have contributed thought towards making this possible.

I've sent my predictions right after my match (had to write the score). I think it will be right not to count any score of all the matches that have been played prior to any sent prediction.

That's right @IgorBugMate We could either not count matches that have been played before fantasy deadline or reward those who submitted their fantasy early and only disregard matches that have been played prior to one's fantasy submission.

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