Double Elimination Knockout Stage (3+2 CWC 2020)

Round 5 - Match 199: @PhantomTroupe vs @recrec

This match was due to be completed by 7th June and is now more than two weeks behind schedule as 21st June has passed. The player @recrec has been attempting to schedule a match for weeks but there has been no response from @PhantomTroupe. In accordance with post #759, this match is hereby being ruled a forfeit result in favour of @recrec who will next play against @Karagialis.

@recrec I can't say from now, but I don't have any imposing plans. So we will be able to agree on something, no problem. Let's talk later.

hey @Zeck , would you be free this Friday to play our CWC match? My timetable is kinda flexible

Mistakenly said "11:00 UTC / 8pm AEST" for match time in #780 which isn't possible. Correction: 10:00 UTC / 8pm AEST