Double Elimination Knockout Stage (3+2 CWC 2020)

Due to family, work and other time commitments sadly I will have to withdraw from the tournament. I am happy to see that justice was served regarding my previous opponent and jeremydurham gets another chance. Hopefully this will speed things up to compensate for the time lost during investigation. I am happy to assist with tournament any way I can and support the bughouse and crazyhouse communities but I cannot continue to play the tournament at this time. Good luck to everyone still playing!

@Doooovid is also going to withdraw, G-d bless everyone. Thanks @JannLee for doing your best to organize this. @dabee very likely was going to knock me out once and for all anyways. Sorry @dabee if you are really interested in playing I will try to find some time, otherwise good luck making to the finals.

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