Double Elimination Knockout Stage (3+2 CWC 2020)

@recrec We are scheduled to play next. I am on East Coast USA time. Afternoons and late night work best for me. Do you have a preference?

Kingswitcher - pknm problebly takes place 1 hour later 21 GMT

Round 3 – Match 181: @JKtheBullfrog vs @BughouseMASTER

This match was played just over two weeks ago from the date of this post, with a score of 6-4 in favour of BughouseMASTER.
This result is hereby being overturned on the grounds of engine assistance being used by BughouseMASTER to influence the outcome.

The process provided in the guidelines below were followed:

A formal complaint with evidence had been submitted by the player JKiller.
This evidence was reviewed by the organiser JannLee and the complaint was assessed to be valid.
BughouseMASTER was informed with evidence provided and given an opportunity to voluntarily withdraw or appeal.
BughouseMASTER chose to appeal and was provided sufficient time to construct and submit an appeal document against the evidence.
The appeal document was reviewed by the player JKiller but was rejected.
The appeal document was also reviewed by the organiser JannLee but was rejected.
The appeal process was then escalated above for assessment from lichess moderators but was also rejected.

As a consequence, BughouseMASTER is hereby disqualified from the Crazyhouse World Championship. Given this is believed to be isolated to CWC games and the primary purpose of this process is to maintain fairness for the CWC event, further penalties such as account markings are not being pursued.

Following further investigation of prior CWC matches, the same pattern of engine assistance was also evident in the Round 2 match between @jeremydurham and @BughouseMASTER. The score of 6-2 originally in favour of BughouseMASTER is hereby being overturned. Engine assistance was not found to be influential in the Round 1 match between @vegakov and @BughouseMASTER and therefore that result will stand.

As a consequence of these two results being overturned, there are two immediate changes in the draw. Both players @JKtheBullfrog and @jeremydurham are being returned to group A and will play each other in Round 3 – Match 181. Round 3 - Match 138 will now be changed to a forfeit result in favour of @CrazyRKKing, who will progress to Round 4 – Match 165.

Round 3 - Match 155: @FischyVishy vs @fedinar

This match was due to be completed by 10th May and is now one week behind schedule. Could the players please provide an update.