Double Elimination Knockout Stage (3+2 CWC 2020)

@BughouseMASTER, it's great that you are now able to make public forum posts so that you can arrange your own matches directly. However, please keep the forum posts here (and also in the single elim KO round thread) related to the Crazyhouse World Championship. I understand that the ethos of is to have a free chess service and for the creator @thibault (who has contributed his own personal funds and incredible efforts for years), this means it is free of charge and free of advertising.

Gotcha, Jann. But as I said "test," I wasn't sure if my msg could be read or not!

@legiondestroyer, I am not aware of the exact date but my understanding is we have almost a month to play the match. There are many players that haven't even played their round 1 match yet and I have to prepare to play such a strong opponent. In 2 weeks, I'll have a better idea of the timing.