Double Elimination Knockout Stage (3+2 CWC 2020)

Hi everyone,

In the interest of allowing ourselves the opportunity to move ahead of the schedule for the event, the pairings for the double elimination knockout are being released in advance of completion of the single elimination knockout round.

The official website page is here:

Huge thanks to LegionDestroyer for setting up this tournament bracket which has allowed us to accelerate the event.

What this means is that players who are not affected by the outcomes of the 14 qualifiers from the single elimination knockout round may start arranging a match date and can move towards completion of their first match.

In addition to the 28 players that are playing to qualify for the last remaining 14 positions in the double elimination knockout round, the following players who have already qualified based on ratings alone will need to wait on the outcome of the 14 qualifiers before they can proceed in the double elimination knockout stage:
1. @jasugi99 (2815)
2. @chickencrossroad (2796)
3. @penguingim1 (2729)
4. @jkthebullfrog (2715)
5. @mastertan (2710)
6. @xuanet (2698)
7. @bugzilla (2684)
8. @gsvc (2678)
9. @littleplotkin (2677)
10. @thefinnisher (2659)
11. @zeck (2611)
12. @mugwort (2594)
13. @kingswitcher (2581)
14. @variantsonly (2566)

If your name is not above, you may determine your opponent from the website below and start arranging your matches.

Again, here's the website with pairings:

As a guide for Round 1, players should agree to a match date by 5th April. Games should be completed by 12th April.

If you and your opponent are able to agree to a time to play well before the dates mentioned above, please proceed to do so! This is encouraged as it's great if we can move ahead of schedule on several games to give ourselves the best opportunity to progress the event smoothly.

Each match consists of 10 games. In the case of 5-5, then an additional 2 games are to be played at a time, until one player takes the lead (e.g. 7-5, 8-6, 9-7, 6.5-5.5).

The intent of the rules below is to encourage matches to be scheduled on time with clarity and played in a fair manner.

Rules relating to the Double Elimination Knockout Stage:
- Forfeits due to lack of arrangement or completion are preferably avoided, but will be considered if potentially causing delay to overall tournament schedule
- Player that has been making effort to schedule match will be awarded victory if opponent has made no reasonable effort to make contact during allocated time
- Players should suggest match times via this public forum thread addressing their opponent with @[opponent name] to serve as a notification and proof of effort made to schedule match within allocated time
- Match times should have date and time zone clearly indicated with either a city or standard time zone abbreviation
- Players are expected to turn up on time once agreed
- A player is considered to be late if turning up later than 15 minutes beyond start time
- Within the Double Elimination Knockout Stage, across all rounds (not per round), each player will be given a total of three chances to turn up late and reschedule with their opponent
- If a player turns up late, then one chance will be deducted regardless of what follows:
a) The two players may agree to play if both are online
b) The two players may agree to reschedule the match
- Upon the fourth occasion of a player turning up late across the duration of the Double Elimination Knockout Stage, he/she is considered to be out of chances and a forfeit may be claimed by the opponent who has shown up on time
- One break no longer than 10 minutes is permitted for either side during a match (the intent is that this is to be used for unexpected interruptions, not strategic use)
- Any aids to a player such as computer engine use, opening book reference or advice from other players during a match will be considered cheating and is heavily discouraged with disqualification as a consequence

There will be a separate post with a process on reporting of cheating and the steps that will follow such cases. The hope is that this will only be a deterrent to such behaviour and will not need to be applied as long as all players participate with honesty and integrity.

Good luck to all players and hope you have exciting and enjoyable games!


@inge_2018 im free this week if you are available to play. Pick a day and time, and I will check if it fits :D

@Jeffery_the_Jesusman versus me will be this Saturday (21st) 18:00 CET

I will stream the match (if my equipment still works ;-) ). Hopefully we will see you Saturday.

@kramka Do let me know your availability. I am open to play any day between 8 AM UTC and 2 PM UTC.