CWC 2022 Scheduling

Mastertan and I agreed to play same time tomorrow: 1100 utc/1300 cest/2100 aest

@Crazy_Eight said in #166:
> Round 5 Match #347: @Crazy_Eight vs @blitzbullet scheduled to be played at Sunday, July 3rd, at 17:30 Israel Time (= 9:30 AM EST ; 16:30 CET ; 14:30 UTC ; and 1.5 hours before Nation's League regular time). The match might also start 15-30 minutes later (if needed)

Hello, its 9:30 AM EST and I am ready!

@googa vs @play_abc:

Any recent updates to this match?

Based on recent weeks with posts seen from @play_abc in #164 and #168, this match will be ruled a forfeit in favour of @play_abc if there is no response in this forum from @googa by Sunday 17th July.

While it sounded like @googa may need to attend to an emergency and we would like to see matches played to completion, this match is now multiple weeks behind and a decision on the result is required for the tournament to move on.

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