CWC 2022 Candidates Stage

This week we saw the two leaders compete directly, with Fumitoks continuing his streak of victories, winning 7-3 against blitzbullet! However, blitzbullet continues to remain in very close contention for the top position on game points with a strong 8-2 victory against xuanet. Fumitoks narrowly leads with 70%, followed by blitzbullet on 69%. Bugzilla improved his win percentage to 59% in 3rd position, with the remaining half of players being: LegionDestroyer at 54%, zyxon at 51% and littleplotkin at 51%.

Current standings here:

Seventh round pairings of the Candidates Stage to be played by Sunday 13th November:
@Bugzilla vs @zyxon
@Kleerkast vs @Spinaltap
@blitzbullet vs @Fumitoks
@LegionDestroyer vs @littleplotkin
@mastertan vs @xuanet
@Mugwort vs @pknm

To see what times upcoming matches will be played in your time zone, use the following link:

blitzbullet vs Fumitoks already played 3-7

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