Crazyhouse World Championship 2021 - Double Elimination (Part 2)

EDIT: in light of #412 some of what I typed became redundant.

Round four nears completion. Remaining matches are

@pawnintraining versus @Antic

@Advocaat versus @mathace

and acesup versus soham0705, which as you can see in #411 has been scheduled. If either of the other matches has not been scheduled, can the players involved please schedule it?

I officially withdraw from CWC and forfeit my match vs @esken :(
I know it's not really fair to the players since we all committed to this and I am sorry, specially with the organizers who did an amazing job and invested resources to make this possible, but this is a very intense and stressful period for me, and I don't have time and energies to spend towards CWC matches and preparation unfortunately
I wish good luck to the remaining players and hopefully I'll be able to catch some of the great matches ahead

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