Crazyhouse World Championship 2021 - Double Elimination (Part 2)

Sorry I'm a bit confused. Can anybody explain with whom I should play and when? Previous match was not complited by my unknown partner.

@Midoekram you are exactly where you should be but awaiting an opponent... I've given forfeit deadlines to try to make sure this is clarified soon.

Eleme turunda bu kadar tolerans bence biraz fazla

Hi @metin48 it's been difficult with so many people but we are going to turn on the gas and accelerate this now.

@vlad-sensei and @kingswitcher that's good but I will be sending out warnings already on Thursday to those who have not arranged their next match. So whatever the result please contact your next opponent after that promptly. I know this isn't your fault, just other players are waiting.

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