Crazyhouse World Championship 2021 commencing with Single Elimination Knockout Round

@SABHILYAsTSEPuTSENKa if you could play the remaining 5 games that would be great. I'm not issuing forfeits, just warning that these may be coming soon.

@okei, thank you for issuing follow up warnings.

To all players, the organiser team will conduct a case by case review before any forfeit decisions are made. The preference is for matches to be played where possible but we do also need to run according to a schedule so the overall tournament can be completed fairly by all players.

@jbegis @recastrov I think it unlikely that you are involved in the Single Elimination round (which should have finished by now anyway) and for that reason I am reposting.

Not sure if my preliminary opponents for the first round have scheduled their match yet so I can't play my first round match yet. Let me know if anything needs to be done on my end.

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