Crazyhouse World Championship 2021 commencing with Single Elimination Knockout Round

@JannLee now we have rescheduled our match and we are doing it now so we are playing it but what is the time control again

yes thanks to the moderators and organisers of this tournament good games and well played gg and wp

@blitzbullet feel free to contact your opponent @Nyghtguard if you haven't already.

@recastrov you excelled yourself by posting in the wrong forum again, and by not pinging anyone. I shall repost in the appropriate place, namely the DOUBLE elimination forum. Again.

I may be double forfeited for not playing, but I am willing to play. My opponent (aka @Goku102020, I may be willing to play at 4 PM EST ( 20:00 PM UTC, 7 AM ET, 3 PM ET (opponent, LA CEJA Antioquia).

Match 10: @Goku102020 (1491) vs @SABHIlyaStseputsenka (1439)

Upon review of communications related to this match, it seems that @SABHIlyaStseputsenka has consistently been responsive, posting in this forum, whereas @Goku102020 has not posted in this forum once.

We would like to see this match completed as it had already begun, with @SABHIlyaStseputsenka currently leading 3-2. However, the lack of responsiveness from @Goku102020 warrants a forfeit decision as the tournament schedule must move on with this match being 2 weeks behind.

If @Goku102020 does not post in this forum by 28th March (within the next 24 hours), this match will be ruled a forfeit decision in favour of @SABHIlyaStseputsenka.

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