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I am hosting a crazyhouse blog at with contributions from MMichael and myself thus far which includes CWC recaps of all the action, lots of puzzles based on the games, as well as instructive ZH content (and more to come). Do check it out if you hadn't seen it already. You are also always welcome to submit FENs or studies of instructive positions or games to my lichess which you would be happy to publicly share to help others learn and improve their game. I add these to my study account (Seirawan-Student on lichess) and will be using them to produce blogs/videos eventually.

You have an excellent channel! This is a worthy contribution to the community.

There is very little if anything on the web on the history of crazyhouse so it's cool to discover you have been collecting this stuff:

Following links from your blog I discovered there were a whole host of bug blogs back in the 1990s and the early 2000s. It was the age of geocities and blogging before that all died out and sadly most of these blogs with it. I discovered these cool bug exercises which I have been working through:

And this guide to the 10 signs you are a bad bug partner by Ferrante with comments by gnejs:

And this history of bug:

This is all must read stuff! If anyone knows more about crazyhouse history, we must collaborate to assimilate it.

After a short revision, you can see the links in the blog itself. Comments were closed, now they are open to all - anonymous, open ID and registered.

You can join the discussion, ask questions, leave critical reviews, etc.

I will publish a collection of links to these extinct resources Bug.

A significant mistake was made about Andre Nilsson. It was fixed.

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