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Me and mastertan playing tomorrow at 9pm est

~~~` blitzbullet vs mastertan ~~~

Sunday 11th 9pm EST (Mon 12th 1pm AEDT)

fumi-blitzbullet, sunday 11th, 7:30pm EST

Hi everyone,

Crazyhouse World Championship Final 2018 - opperwezen vs JannLee (Episode 1)

FIrst 20 of 60 games now available for viewing on YouTube:

All twitch channel donations in the next 2 weeks will go towards the Championship Fight Purse (Winner 70%, Runner-up 30%):

Looking forward to the upcoming 40 games!
- 20 games starting 6pm GMT on Saturday 17th November
- 20 games starting 6pm GMT on Saturday 24th November


Friendly reminder that Antic and I will be streaming the games at What we lack in crazyhouse analysis, we more than make up for in discussions about fruit and color.

@blitzbullet 13 games to look forward to to finish your campaign (3 with mastertan and 10 with jkthebullfrog)

I look forward to commentating those games with Antic. @blitzbullet , let us know when you've organized a time.

whenever jk is free

Hi everyone,

Episodes 2 and 3 of the Crazyhouse World Championship Final are now available on YouTube here:

Congratulations to opperwezen for an outstanding candidates run followed by winning the championship final! He's a very deserving champion.


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