Hi, I was just wondering when this would begin, and who is in, etc... Thank you in advance.

So far, 10 candidates secured their spots:

Last year runners up:
1) Twelveteen
2) opperwezen

Through winners bracket:
3) sexy_and_i_know_it
4) blitzbullet
5) littleplotkin
6) mastertan

Through losers bracket:
7) Fumitoks
8) gsvc
9) Kleerkast (most likely, as I'm not sure if luft officially withdrew)
10) xuanet

Maybe there will also be some wild-carders from outside.

As far as I know, Candidates are planned to start at mid August. Good Luck to all the Candidates!

Congrats to everyone of this wild bunch.

The winner will be granted a kiss from me.

I know nothing about what's going on. is Jannlee in this or is there something where the previous champion cannot play?

I thought JKTheBullFrog was given a wildcard?

V2: I believe the winner of the Candidates tourney will challenge Jann

@V2chess Jbegis is right, winner of the Candidates will play a death match for the title versus the previous champion (JannLee)