960 final with jannlee

hello @fischyVishy since there is not much time left i had the idea for the 960 title aswell.
So the finalist of the standard championschip fight for the 960 title aswell.
So @Jannlee and me.
@okei suggest 2 more player but i think there is simply not much time for it and we should do this with 2players.
i wanna play on progamfox chessite 3+5 games but i dunno how many.
@jannlee please share what you think about this and ofcourse @fischyvishy.

Look forward to it! ProgramFox has introduced pgn export so the games can be analysed after on lichess!

jep okei^^ only im worried about the time its quite late. i hope jannlee and vischy agree on this idea and why not zh 960 is fun:)

Perhaps Okei and myself could make up the numbers :-)

time before the next cwc championschip in january by @littleplotkin you can register now:) so it start in january
i hope to got the match finished in the coming months but it should not be a big problem if its played after januari since this is a diffrent category;) @Marlonc