1+0 CWC

@LegionDestroyer okay, embarassing to put the wrong name there... But thanks :) Especially for doing all the work keeping up such a nice overview! Always a pleasure following a CWC!

I can play next Monday the 17th, from 18:00 - 20:00 UTC. (starting at 20:00 UTC is fine too, but not really later)
So if anyone wants to let me know.

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, I will need to postpone my match with @VariantsOnly which was originally scheduled for Thursday 13th June at 5am Sydney time. I have requested via private message if the same day and time will work next week for VariantsOnly.

My daughter has been unwell the last few days and has not improved today. I will need to focus my efforts on her for the time being. Sorry for the short notice.


Confirming the match between @VariantsOnly and @JannLee has been rescheduled to Thursday 20th June at 5am Sydney time. This should be equivalent to Wednesday 19th June at 9pm Amsterdam time.

ignore, I misread timings, I thought you were getting 4 hours sleep between matches, but it's just a long day... 5am morning match and second match ending 1am. Time in between on that long day to hopefully catch a nap.

Hehe yes @okei, there will be 18 hours between the two matches, but there's no time for a nap when there's a day job and house chores to be done!

I'm sure it will be fine anyway, looking forward to these upcoming candidates matches next week.