1+0 CWC

Hello all, littleplotkin here :)

I'm planning on running a 1+0 CWC tournament with the help of FishyVishy and all of you hopefully!

I hope that all of you can express your interest in your post by saying: "I'm in"

Here is the format:

Single elimination with 64 players.
After the field gets cut to the top 8, there will be a candidates portion. The candidates will be a Round Robin.
The top two players in the candidates will play each other to become the first 1+0 Crazyhouse World Champion.

In the single elimination format, 20 games will be played. So, first to 10.5 points will be the victor of the match.

In the candidates, each matchup will have 30 games played.

In the finals, 100 games will be played to decide to victor of the 1+0 CWC.
(This should be scheduled in 3 or 4 different dates)

To win the candidates, it's about individual points, not match points. Thus, it is better to get 25/30 and 14/30 in two different matches than 16/30 twice.

I plan on giving out prizes for the top 8 players in the candidates, but I would love donations to increase the prize pool!! :)

Registration will be open until April 13th.

Each matchup in the elimination portion should take a week. So you should be prepared to schedule your matches with your opponent and have the games played within that week! If the games are not played, it will result in a double forfeit!

Please schedule your matches here, as well as post your results!

Hope this gets a lot of interest.


I'm not top 64 by a long stretch. So I'm wondering how the 64 will be selected. If it's open arenas, there will be issues with new accounts. But if it's only people who say they're in that will cut out a lot of silent folk.

Sure if I were good enough I'm in.

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