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If anyone would like to join me in playing a tournament, elimination style, please tell me below and say that you would like to join. The format will be in a bracket , in a style similar to the Chess World Cup. Two players will play each other twice concurrently, and the winner will move on, but the loser will be unfortunately eliminated. The link to the bracket will be posted below, and will change depending on the number of players. Dates: The tournament will start on 10/15/17, and the days when the rounds will start will be posted later, also below. The seeding will be based solely on rating, whether provisional or not. Time control: The first two games will have a time control of two days per move. Notes: If you join, please play through the entire tournament. It will be no fun if one player leaves and messes up the entire bracket. If you joined and before the tournament begins, you want to leave, please let me know. The round times will be posted 24 hours at least before the round starts. Tiebreaks, round times, and the bracket and seeding will be posted below. If you have a schedule consideration that needs you to change the round time, please let both your opponent and me know, and the three of us can try to work out a solution. Please join and let us all have fun!

Tiebreaks: The date for the tiebreaks will go as follows:
1. 2 more Correspondence games, with 1 day per move.
2. If still tied than 2 classical games between the two, with a time control of 15+0.
3. If still tied, 2 blitz games, time control 5+0.
4. If still tied, 2 superblitz games, time control 3+0.
5. If still tied, 2 bullet games, time control 1+0.
6. If still tied, than the players will continue to play 1+0 bullet games until one player leads by two games.

Note: Tiebreaks 2-6 will be played in the same day, continuously.

Update: tournament will start on 11/12/17.

Is it to late to join in this?

I'm keen to play also

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