4 player (1200-1850) Double Round robin tournament


I am willing to organise a 4 player (1200-1850) Double Round robin tournament. The way it will work is as follows:

1. Three players in the 1200-1850 range let me know they are interested in playing and join me to make 4 in total. Reply to this thread to let me know. 1st come, 1st served.
2. Players set up two correspondent games with each player in the tournament, one as black and one as white (the white player initiates the challenge)
3. Time control: 2 days a move
4. The completed games are posted in this thread
5. I will create a table using to keep track of who is winning

If this is successful I may organise more tournaments in the future

If I've forgotten anything let me know.

I should add, this is for normal chess rather than any variants

I've emailed quite a few players but sadly can't drum up enough interest so have abandoned this tournament. Looks like I 'll have to play blitz on lichess but use other sites for correspondence tournaments.

I didn't see the message until now, but if it does happen I would still like to participate.

@Grimpeur Suggestion: reduce rating restriction and perhaps 3 days/move TC? Also, posting it on the lichess community forum probably wouldn't hurt.

Thanks seanysean and nitsuja for advice and support. It just all seems a bit complicated to get a tournament organised on here. I am going to use another site now for correspondence tournaments and use lichess for ad-hoc correspondence games and blitz. Lichess is brilliant but the lack of proper tournament functionality for correspondence is a real shame. I appreciate Lichess works off donations and so they may not be able to afford to develop that functionality so that isn't a dig at Lichess at all. A fantastic site

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