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I texted this to him: ✋🏼

And he say?

That's crazy! But anyway, anyone who wants to play with me today, just message me.... I'll be on until 6:30 or so.

"Well it wasn’t exactly my reflexes. More like I was walking just a little slower. :P But I’ll high five them back. :D" --Christopher T. Beckman.

We was just givin' him da benefit of the doubt.

Kate, when you coming back?

“I've had a fever all week too.“ Great minds get sick at the same time. :P

He was just being humble. I'm sure on the inside he's puffed up from the compliment.
I come back on the 30th. I can't come back now, I simply have too much going on right now.
It seems that everyone is sick. Almost everywhere I go someone declares that they have a fever or cold.

Yay. Two days. Let's see if I can survive.

What? Is it that boring in the CHT nowadays?

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