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Hello Everyone , i would like to announce that soon this team will hold a rated classical tournament between the members in an elminitarion format this should be very exciting and we are looking forward for everyone in this team to participate krypton will add more info about this tournm

This tournament is a nice idea, although I am not shure if I have enough time to spent for a whole tournament.

the tournament won't be in one single day, we will reassign the matches according to the best time for both players to be able to play freely hence there is no pressure at all

Yes. This tournament won't be concluded within a day. I know every one of you is busy with your daily life so I have decided to create matches between the players according to their wishes. Also, it should not take too long. 20 days time span is the max for the entire tournament. Come on guys it will be fun. You will enjoy this. Guys check this out. All your future wins will be recorded here. This is a nice website for creating the tournament of our wish. Cheers, all !!!!

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