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  3. Site calls game a "draw" - why?

Was playing Black on Game #2 of "Getting Started", had just removed the last of White's pieces, leaving only the King. Using my Queen and Rook, I made it impossible for the White King to move any direction any longer. And Chesscademy popped up and said the game was a "Draw" and told me I had to play it again. Why?

Are you sure you attacked White's King AND made it impossible to move?
Maybe you the game ended Stalemate, hence the draw. That happens when you or your opponent's cannot make a legal move but the King isn't mated.
If you have a hard time visualizing it, go to the board editor and do the following:
1) Clear the board
2) Place the White King in a1
3) Place the Black King in a3
4) Place the Black Queen anywhere in from b4 to b8 (but place it in the b file)
5) Select the option "Black to Play"
6) Play the position
7) Move your Queen to b2 (beside the Black King)

The game is a draw since there is Stalemate. The White King is not being attacked AND it cannot do any legal move.

Hope that helps :)

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