Schedule and activities of the Chess24 usual suspects- First thoughts and discussion

Hello folks from,
Thanks for all who have joined so far and for your suggestions which I will try to relay here. If I happen to forget something, feel free to mail me a reminder at my lichess-mail or per PM on c24.

Suggestions about possible new members of the team have been made: Bram v. E., Karl N. and Shows, wait for your feedback until further action. If you're not sure who they are I can give more info per PM on C24.

- Time controls
10+5 unrated seems to take the majority of the votes so far, whereas Henkie voiced his preference for 10 0 and no inc. So I guess we will have to debate this and find common ground.
- Date and time of the day for online meetings:
Also, we need to find a date and time of day when to start our first team meeting. Your suggestions are welcome. Please bear in mind that some of our members are in the US, some in India and some in Europe.

Enough of the organizational stuff, here are some sweets:

And then there was also this one you might enjoy

Looking forward to reading your comments, suggestions and crazy variations...
Take care.


Is TheOldDutchBaker...Dutch Defender on chess24? If not, I suggest you invite him! He's a great guy!

Thanks Koustav for yr suggestion. Your guess was correct ^..^

Similarly nehringk is our dear friend Karl, welcome aboard :-)

Dear team members,

Kramnikstudent1 (safe bet it is C24's Kramnikstudent) is knocking on our door. Should we let him in? Pls let me know your decision per PM on c24, or per Lichess mail. Thanks in advance.
Best regards

very welcome, as far as I am concerned - I think he is a great asset to our team (an another one who will beat me up ......)

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