Chess Talk members notable victories

Congratulations, @Kramnikstudent1, on your victory against GM Akshat Chandra during his first-ever stream.

I especially like the part around 1:02:30 where GM Chandra realizes this has gotten very serious, very fast...This is how the GM sums up the situation as the quandary he finds himself in dawns upon him -"Kramnik student is playing like Kramnik, right now..."Then, a bit later at 1:05:13 as he is about to be mated: -"Maybe I am playing Kramnik".

GM Chandra took it on the chin like a man and was a real gentleman about it, thanking Kramnikstudent1 for the lesson...

In case some might think this victory was something of a fluke, have a look at this one against IM Ostrovskiy, at around 55:47, when the IM says: -" In this game, kramnikstudent plays just like Kramnik did in his game against Bluebaum...". :

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