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  3. 1)hello 2)about investigators

Hello to all. I joined the CIA right now. I registered on Li chess for two months, but I was playing on the site for two years as anonymous. Initially I played only bullet, but I started playing rapid and blitz (5 + 3) I was amazed by the amount of cheaters! Timidly I took courage and I reported one. Half an hour later he was unmasked. Fantastic! Just today I unmasked my third cheater ... and I decided to join the CIA. One question: why do so many crooks appear among the investigators?
Scrolling through the nicknames I could not believe it.

Hi, well I'm certainly not interested to cheat. I usually just lose and cry. Hahahaha XD

Yeah people wanna get bigger rating and highlighted the easy way, instant, I think. Joining this team to them maybe means nobody will suspect them. Just an opinion.

I think I played against someone who was an engine......I m not sure though.

Good question, unkown9541 probably has the best answer... less of a suspect if you're in a group thats supposed to be on the look out for cheaters. (Not that it would stop me from suspecting someone in the group... heck, I had a fill-in teammate in the 45+45 league that was suspicious as all get out in his game, no one is safe from me, lol.)

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