CM Benjamin Yan and CM Andrew Wang will be hosts for the simul 9/16

Here is Benjamin’s profile:

Hello my name is Benjamin Yan from Cary, North Carolina. I am a USCF Candidate Master with a peak USCF rating of 2138. I have been playing chess for 9 years now. Some of my other hobbies include basketball, ping pong, soccer, running, etc.

Note: He is my long time online student, the top scorer (4.5/5)of his team in 2020 Amateur team south . His team won and will play the final national team championship on 9/26. Coach Ben Deng

Hi? I guess? Well I'm your other simul host CM Andrew Wang. I prefer not to reveal my whereabouts because any one can see this forum. I am a 2130 USCF CM with a peak of 2167. My other hobbies include piano, soccer, basketball, flag football, and art. I won 1500$ In a American Open tournament and am top 10 for my age in the US.

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