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Hello guys !

I am here because I'm trying to create a community of people who play chess on lichess or other chess website. Why ? It's simple. I have a Youtube channel of french chess videos (the name is R2D3 on Youtube) and I think you might be interested ! This channel is important to me, and I work hard to make it accessible to all. I've several goals :

1) Encouraging as many people as possible to take a real interest in this game who is a bit neglected by the general public.
2) Create a place where players can meet, communicate, talk about games like on a forum or a chess website.
3) Reach the 2000 elo on the internet, and why not a future day, become a Master! (Ok it will be hard ...)
4) Play, play and play again !

Help me to build this place and take a look!
The link to go on my channel is right here :

If you love the contents, you can subscribe, comment or simply put a "like" for some videos, which would be a real sign of support. The best is obviously to share, but hey, I don't wanna ask you too much: D
About the contents, there are tournaments videos, commented games, tactical exercises, and more. But soon there will be podcasts, instructive videos about chess engames and many more surprises! The level is not always there, but the fun side will probably make you have a good time !
If you think the french language could be a problem for you, remember chess is a universal one :)
Finally, I want to thank you for reading me (it was long) and I hope you won't find my approach inappropriate or selfish...

I hope to see you soon on or on my channel,
See you later and thank you in advance ;)

Eh I might need help on my study about chess strategies

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