AWC Pairings

I have been forgiving where possible, allowing extensions if players can't arrange a match in time. When players don’t show up it is up to the injured party; if they are happy to re-arrange and it won’t take too long, then I’m happy for that. An example is Chacarron, who postponed/re-arranged matches against both onubense and moustruito (the re-arranged times resulted in further no-shows). I’d add that pashpash withdrew from the tournament, which is why he was eliminated - he was not forfeited for not showing up to a match. Perhaps something to change in the future is communicating the reasons for forfeits/default wins.

In this case I have very little time. In order to play on Sunday I had to both have little sleep and cancel a previous arrangement. Under the circumstances I am not inclined to re-arrange, and would prefer to simply advance and have less matches. To be honest, playing and organising the tournament this year has taken up too much of my time. Probably next year I will either not play, or (less likely) not organise it.

Since it was a misunderstanding, I say give him another chance

Well, Arka can still fight through the losers bracket, so there's still that :)