AWC Pairings

I've been waiting for over 25 minutes and probably don't have time to play a very long match if Arka comes online now, so I'm logging off. Sorry to those waiting to watch!

What a pity!
I had got up early and was very excited to see the match. (Now I do not have another to get bored with Carlsen vs. Caruana ... 8- /)

I apologize to everyone here, I thought the match was at 8:30 PM GMT

I've put the result down as a forfeit due to @Arka50 not being online, which is with how I've treated other matches in the tournament. The only other option would be to extend the tournament, which I don't want to do.

It's unfortunate that there was a misunderstanding. I used the 24-hour clock when suggesting different times (one option was Tuesday 18:00), it was also clarified above and I've used it exclusively on the WC site.

I see how this is fair this time, since there has been a lot of other cases (what is unfortunate). But for future AWCs I would suggest to be more forgiving (if you can call it that) at least in the upper bracket (since there is 2 weeks time for the match now). This tournament there have been at least two players (pashpash and Chacarron) being eliminated due to this. I would like too see those matches rather than being in time every round. On the other hand it still has to be the decision of the person being there and waiting i think, if he*she wants to play another time or if he*she hasn't got the time. But if the person agrees I wouldn't mind waiting longer than the round is. Maybe extend the round for half a week, so maybe we could see some more good matches. Especially in this state of the Tournament every missed match is one too much. But like i said it's not a discussion about this match, it's a suggestion for the next years.

Yes is very sad that this is happen for this part of tournament when is for best players and games of most interesting. As was say by @Iubar I think would be very good for this match to happen as is such important match. However, also I can understand why is important to have rules. If maybe was @tipau okay of this, could give @Arka50 chance for correct this? I could will play match against both @Arka50 and @tipau this week and also @Arka50 vs @tipau could happen this week. My match with whoever loser of that match will be count, and other will be ignored. This way there are no delay of tournament. Additionally, not it does matter what order these matches are will happen since at most bad I play two matches first and then all are pretend one is for fun since not it would count for tournament. Of course would need of to be okay of with @tipau and also @Arka50 and @onubense, but I think that @Arka50 is will be okay of this idea since is good for him, and @onubense will still have 1 week to arrange match with winner so not really should be such problem for him I would think. Again though, this idea is would need to be okay of with @tipau, and I think maybe he would be okay of for this as he say of to me earlier: "Don't worry, the rescheduling is not a problem. I would prefer the match to be rescheduled than for a player to forfeit." However, maybe since he want to have rules always be same he would have problems of this. So of in end this is really I think decision of if @tipau is feel generous or not.