AWC Pairings

The bracket has been published here:

Please post the arranged times of matches in this thread.

There are 65 players. Because of this the first round only has 1 match. I don't want to delay the tournament by a week, so I've adjusted the timetable so that now week 1 (24.09 - 30.09) will have both rounds 1 and 2. For most players this won't have an impact but it means a few players will have a busier schedule. Sorry about that and hopefully it won't cause any problems.

@Link @TJMorley you are the players immediately affected. Please try and play your match as soon as possible, as the winner will need to play @onubense in the same week.

Good luck everyone!

me - MessyAnswer: Sunday 30th September, 11:00 CEST (9:00 GMT)

(edit: scratch that, I can't play at that moment. Trying to reschedule my match...)

when should i play him i can play him about anytime with a few exceptions how many games

should i play him today if i see he is on but i dont know where to say if i won or not

@TJMorley feel free to play him today if you can. You can write the result here or to me in a message

Rescheduled me - MessyAnswer: Sunday 30th September, 15:00 CEST (1 PM GMT).

letzplaykrazy - TheFinnisher
Wednesday, 26th of September, 19:00 UTC +3

kreedz - Pretizion11
Monday, 24th of September, 20:00 UTC +2

Xerensis - Matopl
Tuesday, 25th September 5:00 AM GMT