What openings are good in atomic?

I currently play 1.Nf3 f3 2.Nc3 and it looks like very strong.

Does anyone know others strong openings?

I like e3 because the only counters are e6 or f6. If the opponent does f6, you can pin it with your queen, move your bishop to d3, and then go to g6 with your bishop.

Also, you can do 1.Nf3 f3 2. Nd4 c6 3. Nf5 e6 4. Ne7

Vlasov's atomic book is good for a starter, but it was made a long time ago, and therefore, is flawed. For example, after 1. Nh3, it gives 1...f6 a question mark but not 1...g5??, which clearly loses.
Of course, there are other flaws in it too. This is just one of them.

I'd also like to point out 1...Nf6 is not a really good move since 2. Qf3 puts a lot of pressure on Black with plans involving Nh3-Ng5 and Bd3-Bg6 as stated before, but it isn't that straightforward after 2...c6!, after which Black can move out the queen, usually with Qa5, followed by Kd8. I believe White should be better with good play, but it definitely isn't easy.

Thank you all for these openings they have really helped me a lot.😀

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