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Yes at that time, I had seen Bigbang showing that move Rh3 for white which brought down its score to -13.

StockfishAI - BigBang 1.76, 1/2-/12

I think BigBang here applied an even theoretically interesting defense. It played very much in the atomic spirit: was not worried about material loss that is inevitable in the atomic attack, because it saw that having active pieces, good development and king safety give enough compensation. In the end it sacked all its pieces except for the queen which could give a perpetual check and keep a draw.

I played this game as an anon against another anon as white (I lost) and I thought it was interesting. I have imported the pgn, but I don't have an actual link. Very difficult for me to see exactly where I went wrong.
Something important to note is that the idea of 16. Be2 and 17. Bf3 doesn't work. The engine finds a forced mate in 13 after this move with some pretty interesting lines, like: 16. Be2 Rf8 17. Bf3 Bh2+ 18. Kf1 g5 19. b3 g4 20. Ba3 g3 21. Ke1 g2 22. Be4 h6

Another interesting game I lost to this anon, as black this time was:
You can actually ignore everything after 18... bxa6, since engines show a forced mate for white after that.

In the first game 5.Nb5 is critical in the opening.
After that I guess White could defend the initiative better in some ways but finally 20.Be7 would secure a draw by giving it up to stop Black's pawn majority.

Okay, thanks tipau! I thought white was supposed to trade off the queens in those lines, but apparently not after Bb4 c3 is played. Good to know. 20. Be7 would indeed draw, I missed that. Apparently that's where the position went from being a draw to losing according to the comp as well.

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