Atomic puzzles on ProgramFOX's site

Hi all,

To those that are interested, I've probably created more than 100 puzzles in the last couple of weeks on ProgramFOX's puzzle site, .

While I'm not the strongest player, I hope at least some of them are challenging and engaging. I have plenty of older puzzles on there too that are mostly valid (please excuse/report the odd duff puzzle).

I hope a few people at least can enjoy them.


I've put up more than a few in the past few days too, and at the same time helpfully (if unintentionally) brought up the rating of some of Caustic's puzzles. (They're sound, by the way.)

Caustic's also responsible for far more than half of the atomic puzzles on CVT, so thank you Caustic for giving the atomic community much good practice!

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