The Leagues

Here are the members of this team, and the leagues they belong to, along with their current scores (a blank means the base score for the league position):

Beginner (0 points base score):

GBA87 --> 0
Luka003 --> 0
DaXon --> 2.5

Intermediate (5 points base score):

Stiffmaisterrr --> 5 (INACTIVE)

Advanced (15 points base score):

AcademicNinja99 (The-Sparrow) --> 20.25
risky-chess (Eastertower) --> 18.5
jacobellaxd --> 19 (INACTIVE)
Samurai_Sri_Lanka (INACTIVE)
Opabinia2401 --> 16
SeniorRoachy --> 15
grswish --> 16
Karagialis --> 38 (INACTIVE)
Quark88 --> 31.5 (INACTIVE)
Atomic2007 (INACTIVE)
Truly_a_GM --> 39.5

Expert (40 points base score):

staskamaev (INACTIVE)
Iubar --> 49.25
chessape --> 38.5
baochessacademy --> 42.5 (INACTIVE)
Average_Kid (INACTIVE)
kclee2172 (INACTIVE)
hipno --> 40.5
AtomicStudy --> 39


ProgramFox --> 90 (INACTIVE)
savagechess2k --> 91 (INACTIVE)
Enigmatic --> 100.5
greecekid123 (INACTIVE)
JaakkoT --> 94.5

Have you joined but I haven't added you yet? If 3 days have passed but you still have not been added to one of the leagues, feel free to send me a private message.

Players who have played no games with team members for 2 weeks will have "Inactive" written next to their names (doesn't affect ranking).

Note: You might notice that this thread always has a recent post date. That is because several hours after I make it I can't edit it anymore to add more members. That means I have to copy everything in it, delete it, and post it again. So I have removed the "@" sign before all the members' names, so that you don't get a notification everytime I repost this.

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