The House Multi Variant Championship!

Hey guys!

Here is a tournament you might be interested in:

It's a great opportunity to play anti (and/or any other variants you may like) competitively. Here's how it works: every participant creates a list of variants they wish to play, and whenever two players get paired up they each pick a variant from the other's list. Then they play a match of those variants and each player's score is multiplied by the size of their list, so the larger your list is, the more points you score.

All you need in order to participate is to be a member of this team and have a non-provisional rating in at least 2 variants.

I'd also like to mention that The House is a wonderful community for chess/variant enthusiasts and I encourage you to join even if you don't want to participate in this tournament. It's a place to discuss theory, share games, and meet new people. You shouldn't be hesitant if you've never used discord, it's very user-friendly. Here is an invite:

Hope to see you there!

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