Candidates starting soon!

Hi everybody I am happy to announce that Candidates are officially starting!
The final field includes:
- @arimakat
- @falconpower
- @supwitches
- @ogul1
- @the-lone-wolf
- @agaliana
- @sportsment
- @magnusxl

This year there won't be a wildcard since it's the first edition. You will find the updated standings of the Candidates here:
The matches will still consist of 10 games at 2+5 time control, I just ask you to play all the 10 games in the Candidates, even if the match is already won by one of the players, since the number of games won will be the tiebreak! (losing 6-4 is better then losing 10-0). Every match won will be worth 1 point, if a match is drawn (5-5) it will be worth 0,5 points for each player (and no extra games will be played).
For any doubt or detail feel free to ask question, and good luck you all! ;)

And will you make a list with final stangings for other players? (points and winrate as you wanted)

Do these candidates have good teams of antichess GMs analysing moves in preparation?

(By the way it was my idea to make rankings for everyone, and Wolf found a nice way to do this without extra games)
>antichess GMs
Bookerd isn't participating...

oh I just wanted to add there is not a precise order to follow for the candidates matches: players can play when they are free, just write in this forum to organize matches or PM the other players. The goal is to get the Candidates done in 2018 (one month and a half for 7 matches each player).

Is the TC the same? I know you mentioned it might be faster, which I would strongly be in favor of if we have to play so many matches

Also how long do we have to play? I will be on holiday with only mobile for the next 10 days

@MagnusXL I have seen that many players liked the tc and that in many games that increment was needed and used, so I think it's better to keep it.